[Need to Vent] Cold and Hot Wind to Blow

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Evening dear readers,

I’m here again to vent as I need it so much. The changes that have recently occurred in my life are making me a madder, angrier, more revolted person than ever before. Mad at myself, mad at the French bureaucracy, I’m going nuts. I’m overworked and an overwhelming load is smothering my poor struggling brain, even at night around 3 o’clock in the morning when I should be sleeping. I’m not, I cannot stop thinking, like riding in the wind at no avail with weak legs.

This madness is seething in my whole being: backaches, always hungry and thirsty (even more when it’s not going well with my students), very poor nights, so much stuff under way both for work and our flat. And to top it off, a person sorta close to me won’t be healed and cured from cancer. That came out like a knife stabbing my soul. This year has started as a thunderstorm. The lesser matter is that I have to struggle to get things fixed about my salary. Money matters are getting slightly annoying at the moment.

I would so much like to get more relaxed and merrier, more cheerful but I can’t. And I have to be patient to enjoy a calmer time within a week. One week to go, can’t wait for this nightmare to end.

May Athena be blessed and guide my soul for a greater stamina in order to achieve satisfactory tasks.



À propos de Sighild

Une Celte passionnée, analysant parfois trop mais pour approcher toujours plus la sagesse, curieuse et toujours avec des idées parfois farfelues. Végéta*ienne, mélomane, poétesse et renouant (autant que possible) avec la Nature et ses cycles. Ce blog est mon repaire, parfois un peu fantasque, échevelé, alambiqué et souvent très spontané. A vegetarian/vegan Celtic lady, roaming on the Earth and a stargazer, passionate, sensitive, sometimes a warrior. This blog is my lair where I play with concepts, words, thoughts and dreams.

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