[Upheavals in 2015] Part 1: New contract and Charlie Hebdo

Par défaut

Hi dear readers,

I’m enjoying a little time on my own after a hard and hectic week of work (some of you might know now that I am a teacher) and I decided to write a short account of the last fortnight opening this new year. If you are aware of what is going on, you may not ignore that the killings at Charlie Hebdo has shaken France so much. So much so that the whole world will know how to say « I am » in French and this « slogan » apparently insignificant or almost meaningless carries a lot more in these three words. Yet I am growing tired of reading anything about Charlie almost everywhere because there are other cruel and inhumane events taking place in many other corners of the world which require our attention. Sure that the last events are questioning how we consider foreign people, foreign customs in our homelands. Nonetheless, tolerance and respect are values which should be advocated as often as possible at any level so as to prevent insane ideologies from spreading into our everyday life. Also, we should put fear away from our minds and our hearts.

I am a bit shocked to notice that Charlie is indeed on all covers of magazines. But what about mass killings in Nigeria? Is that the proof our so-called civlised Western world doesn’t care about Africa. To me, we to often see Africa as a poor parent, a too underdeveloped continent inhabited by ignorant and silly persons. I do think the press (but not also) should embrace its way of dealing with facts and events. What struck in a negative way about human nature is the sale of the latest Charlie Hebdo designed the ones who survived. Yes, a couple of people dared to sell the latest edition on Ebay for a huge price. It’s macabre, disrespectful, grim. I have no words for such an act of « cowardice ». Business is business? SICK BUSINESS! I’m more than fed up with this grim capitalism crushing us all to the point that we are putting our humanity away. The worlds sucks, people suck, we are all prisoners to this world, its rules making us sick, sickening even. This world is mad. Despite the latest horrible events, I am trying to find trust in humans back.

Ok, let’s get to my life. It’s been a great move to a much busier life. And when it’s very busy, it even gets worse. I don’t know how I’m going to « survive ». Lack of good sleep, always on the move, running after time, so much energy consumed for my students, 7 different levels, ect; In a way, I don’t complain because I have a job, a salary. But a low one. I cannot wait to reach a higher level, get a better income to make some dreams come true and be more satisfied at work.

That’s all for now, folks!


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