[Deep Inside] Anger and Disappointment seething

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Hi folks, I just want to vent what I am feeling deep inside. I’m just back from my yoga lesson and during this lesson, at some point, I started to feel some anger coming up and growing, seething. I’m not sure how to let it out to the person concerned by such a state of mind. I’m afraid it could turn in an ill way.

Here is what I wanted to post on a social networking site:

« Sometimes you can be puzzled (not to say disappointed) when your relatives backed you in your decision and then almost turn their back on you saying it’s your shit and you have to go on with it. Happened several times. I am still worried about what I am about to go through and some words are not entirely killing me but at some point I think I will explode and that’s gonna hurt. »

I tried not to be too clear about what I am going through right now as the person concerned is in my friends’ list. At the same time, I most of the time want to let things out as a sign of being totally sincere, outspoken. It sometimes can be harsh, raw but it’s what I am really feeling and my friends should know how I am feeling, I don’t want to pretend or lie, I just want to show the real me. I have to admit a part of my being may be quite « violent » in the intensity of the feelings I may experience, that’s just the way I am, it seems nothing might change who I am, how I behave, how I react. I have started to see  the positive aspects of this new contract, it will be a busier year than ever in my new profession, I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, I want things to change for the better, in all aspect of my life. But right now I am too tired, tough motivated to have things changed.

The truth I cannot let out, I just hide behind a veil



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