[Growing Old] You ain’t gonna put nothing over on me

Par défaut

Evening dear readers,

Wherever you may roam, at some point in life we are so fucked up with other people’s opinions getting meddled with our own appreciation of life and its harsh reality.

After talking with my boyfriend I noticed that I am so fed up and worn out by people (close or not at all) giving me pieces of advice in a scornful and or fatherly/motherly tone as though I had no full previous knowledge of life and how to cope with its (many) hardships and deception. As the lack of self-confidence has been a loophole in my entire life, people took advantage of it and seized the opportunity either to preach or to push me down to make me feel like crap. I will never allow that, may the Ones watching over me shake me into reclaiming my own Power.

Other things which have been (and still are) difficult for me to swallow: true that life at work may sometimes be painful and even excruciating when nothing occurrs the way you planned. If things are going tougher for you, you should not vent too much and with well weighed words. When can you speak freely? I kinda understand that complaining can start to be very annoying for the people listening to you but aren’t we all humans, with some weaknesses and hard times in which we all need some care and support?

Growing old may turn into a harsh experience, I cannot wait to attain blissfulness with a free, positive and genuine smile.

Good night dear readers!


PS: The title of this post is taken from a sentence in John Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men


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