[Orchestral Death Metal] SepticFlesh’s Latest Opus

Par défaut

Hi dear readers,

I just wanted to write a few lines about The Great Mass by SepticFlesh. As I celebrated my mother’s birthday at a Greek restaurant and had a blast when it comes to travelling thanks to Greek meals, I feel the need to post about SepticFlesh, this modern death metal Greek band which released a new opus I am currently listening to it and it is quite awesome!

Here a review in French: http://www.thrashocore.com/chroniques/chronique/3931-septicflesh-the-great-mass-2011-chronique.html

Greece holds a special place in my life, in my family. We are quited fond of this country, my real first name is ancient Greek, my brother’s first name is too. I went there when I was 17 and I have been wanting to get back there. I am not of Greek stock but this country finds a peculiar echo in my soul, in my heart. Perhaps Athena is responsible for the vibrations I feel whenever I think about Greece.The cradle of Western culture, unfortunately wasted by racists and fascists, by the EU’s wrong politics and the worldwide crushing economy. I wish this country will retrieve its splendor of old.

Oh yeah, this album should be on my wishlist. Along with Rotting Christ’s latest release 😀


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