Climbing the Great Mountain of the Universe

Par défaut

Morning dear readers,

I haven’t posted anything for quite a long time. My silence had not been a happy one, not the silence you feel when you are meditating. I went through a silence which was a heavy burden, with loads of unwanted memories getting back to the surface, loading my mind with regrets, even remorse, guilt and helplessness. A silence with muted mental noises, black waters flowing through my brain. It took me some time to recover. Well, I haven’t totally recovered yet.

I won’t put too many words here about this « ordeal », as I’ve planned to plunge into the experience through poems and even a novel! 🙂


Once again, I wish to thank all the friends who prayed for me, who were here for me and I needed the most. I just wish I wouldn’t go through such a tough time ever again. Since I have learned the lesson, I hope, full well.


Have a lovely weekend! 🙂





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