Small Steps for a Brighter Future

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Hi dear readers, I hope that you are sticking firmly (maybe not too much) to your New Year’s resolutions and that this new year has started well.

I have come back to my workplaces and in the beginning I felt like I was limping because of weak legs after having done much effort. Two-weeks holidays are the minimum when you had been through some tough times with this new job. Nonetheless, I didn’t have the time to study more about Tarot or esoterism and I feel so to say incomplete. Despite the fact that I didn’t have the time to plunge into esoteric studies my private life took a step forward. I still cannot fully realise all the advances this part of my life has reached but I sincerely think I have deserved it well. I deserve it well because I have kicked myself for many years struggling with my hardships when socialising into a new group, at the workplace (this aspect of my life is quite new) or at school (I hope it’s behind me for good now), or even when a friend of mine introduces me to a bunch of his or her pals. I still have steps on my way ahead but I am feeling more confident (especially right now writing this new post). This is really obvious when I am walking as my head stands high, my eyes look straightforward, my breast is proud and I am smiling because the last events have made me grin to reach a certain state of the femme fatale. And let’s speak candidly I like it sooo much. That’s so refreshing, enticing, it makes a woman feel so good, complete and powerful. Such state is so empowering that you are really taking control and most of the hassle is not that annoying (well, except when your car is falling apart).

The week is approaching the end slowly. I would not have dared to say that this week would be flowing so smoothly even though I was panic-striken when my colleague told me about how to organise myself for the next classes. Hopefully I am starting to get closer to some of my colleagues (I have sooo many colleagues) and it feels good to feel better and a little bit more confident in what you are doing at work and to feel your life is reeaching a new stage; it gets more colourful, broader, with a wider perspective, with more joy, affection, a better financial situation (well, this item should be tackled differently). I simply lack time and my eternal focus is stress: how to cope with it and handle it with a greater care not to feel burned out when I need to stay at the top?

Therefore I have a greater life with the same issues: stress, money (though it gets better), the need for a more stable life (I am working on it). Now the time has come for a more mature life. Let’s experience more deeply things without burning the wings, learn and contemplate life, live it and take good care of caring people and do not fall into traps when negative people are trying to draw you to their misery. Instead, help without the drain which may follow. Always get energised and spread love and energy.

Always love. Always trust the Universe whatever may happen to you. I would have madly liked somebody to comfort me with such words when I may have felt like the latest piece of shit in the world.

Always love, always care, always fight with a smile.



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