Exhaustion and Guilt in Yule

Par défaut

Morning dear readers,

I am up and still exhausted but I am sorta recovering. I surely need a one-month vacation to be fully recharged for the second quarter of the academic year. Anyway, that’s how it is and I cannot change anything.

As most of you know, it is Yuletide and the Winter Solstice has just passed. I am on hols since Friday night and the exhaustion is still besieging my body and mind. As a new born Polytheist, I would have liked to have enough time and much energy to get rituals, prayers and meditations well prepared. Nothing took place. The only thing I did yesterday was consulting rapidly an oracle, lighting candles on and trying to meditate while listening to celtic harp music. So far from what I would have craved to do. That’s how things are. Indeed, I am feeling exhausted and guilty for not having celebrated Yuletide. Furthermore, I have recently been granted kindness from my colleagues, from some pupils (a kind pupil in the second year of middle school personnally wished me a merry christmas, how lovely it is), from the Gods and Goddesses. Too many things have occurred that my mind is overloaded, so I have forgotten to be grateful through a prayer or a careful thought out of the hubbub.

So why not trying to make amends with this post? For Yule, I would like to thank all the energies, all the Deities, all the people who have been supporting me in everything I had been trying to do (the chief one: seeking a job). I am so grateful for what has happened to me and I wish to keep struggling to reach my goals and make the people I cherish happy. My happiness is also their happiness and their happiness is also mine. Yule is the time to be wrapped up warmly at home with a cuppa tea and a good film (anything fantasy or loosely related). Hope next year it will be more spiritual, religious, more magical too.

I wish you all a happy Yule! 🙂




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