Let’s go interfaith

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At last! Holidays here I am! The last two weeks have been hectic and I am feeling drained, my brain cannot stop ranting, wishing, having ideas or the like for next sequences (I am a teacher) and I wish I would have enough time (and energy) to go out from my home in order to enjoy real hols.

As I am teaching in Christian schools, and that I was a Christian myself for long years before detaching myself from the Catholic herd for many personal reasons, I would like to tackle the need for more interfaith gatherings and talks. Don’t we all aim at peace and friendship despite our many differences?

Now for many pagans into the Nova Roma religion, Saturnalia are being celebrated. Yuletide is at our doors if you are more into the Nordic Tradition. As a new Polytheist, I am a bit scattered concerning the many Pagan faiths and ignorant of what I could do in order to celebrate these special days. I am disappointed at Christmas since when you are a grown-up you see no more magic in it; consumerism has kinda won. So, personally, I have to admit I need and want magic back in my life as it is precious and preciousness is also about magic. I wouldn’t say that I chose to become a Polytheist to get magic back. I would rather say that I became a Polytheist because I have always needed to believe, I need to get back to a communication between the many aspects of me and the Universe, the Divine.Because I am not all by myself even if I do believe so at times.

As we all live a human experience here down on Earth, why not making it more intense by believing or struggling on spiritual paths to find what fits us while we are down here. I also chose Polytheism to strengthen my bonds with my forefathers and close ancestors. It is about family, clan, our culture, our humanity and openness to the Invisible, which surrounds us.

I am also attracted to Shamanism. As I love animals, why not, once I have much more time, seeking my totem animals? I have never been familiar with animals as totems, « angels », protectors and guides. The Universe is beyond human comprehension so keep your eyes peeled and wide open. Be curious, nosy even. Pray for wisdom, take moments for yourself, meditate and find your own way.

Life is all about your personal quest and Polytheism is the vehicle which drives me to this personal grail. Hope you all find yours 🙂


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