Tarot Noir

Par défaut

This article has been edited and may be edited from time to time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sighild

Hi dear readers, I hope you are well.

Winter has knocked to our doors and it’s freezing cold. It’s a dry cold out there and I quite like it, except when I have to scrape my windscreen in the morning and other things on my car before driving.

Still two weeks to go before Xmas hols and honestly I cannot wait 🙂 I am so looking forward to next next Saturday, I am going to Britanny and then, I haven’t got any further idea yet but we will see.

For now, I would like to share my last purchase: another Tarot deck. I have just bought another Tarot deck but not the one I had ordered after watching the review made by Laura aka Les Oracles de la Sibylle (this one is made according to the Tarot de Marseille frame and symbolism, not according the Rider-Waite spirit). So rather than writing a long review (I haven’t had any time dipping into the book yet), let me show you some snapshots I just took for you and some other tarotholics here and there 🙂


Here are some other snapshots with Major Arcana:



Enjoy 🙂

More to come once I have read it through 😉


PS: If you are into Tarots, you may want to read Laura’s blog: http://oraclesibylle.weebly.com/ (in French)



  1. C’était presque du pur hasard car à la base je devais acheter un autre Tarot (qui n’est pas traduit, ça j’ai envie de dire « I don’t care ») et puis quand j’ai feuilleté le livre, j’ai craqué. Je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de tout lire ni de commencer à « danser » avec. J’espère me rattraper pendant les vacances. Et si j’ai bonne mémoire, il existe d’autres jeux de Tarot noir (et qui ont l’air pas mal du tout)

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