Death is Everywhere

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Good evening dear readers,

As I am having some time for myself now I have just decided it would be nice to give some news. Some of you know that I am into Tarology. Well, let’s start with one of the great Major Arcana: Death. This article starts with a picture from the Druidcraft Tarot deck I use whenever I wish to reconnect myself to the Cosmos. I work with the Druidcraft Tarot to get into the ropes of the Wyrd, as a tool to go beyond my basic senses. I must admit it is a complex process to go through, the purpose I would like to reach is beyond my abilities.

And now, you might want to stop me and say: « Why have you put this ominous card? ». Ominous is the word you readily apply to Death (XIII) in any Tarot deck. In any spread, you fear its presence. So do I.  And now, let me tackle some aspects of Death.

Death is everywhere, as Depeche Mode sang it back in 1986. Death has always been everywhere, simply because it is part of Life. You might also respond that Life and Death form a couple, an odd couple. Yes, an odd couple. Let’s go beyond this paradigm. In the Celtic concept of the word, there is Life/Death/Renaissance. Triplicity can be found in Wicca too. I would never talk about Wicca as it is not my cup of tea in the least. Therefore, we do not live or evolve in a dual world, but rather in a triple one. You are born, you grow up (transformations), you live and then you die. Death is the great turnaround, the great passage from a state to another. it’s an in-between state which can be considered a climax, or so.

I would add up that there is Death and little deaths scattering your timeline or your lifelines if you prefer this term. In France, I have seen that a monthly newspaper is tackling the fact we would be able to live several lives in this life down here. How so? Why not but I am not that convinced.

If I wanted to talk about Death in the beginning of this day is that I have noticed this year 2013 is going to end with a row of deaths. As I had written here, this year 2013 has been a busy one. Many events put colours in this new book. Since I changed position, it seems Death is coming closer, not to chop me off of the face of the Earth but spinning around. I do not like it much but I have to come to the conclusion that I must cope with and do with it. Though Death is spinning around, yesterday and today I am feeling happier, still that tired though. I am seeing hope in this dark time, knowing full well this makes me frailer because wintertime has never been easy with me.

To put it in a nutshell, it is up to us to change our viewpoint on Death. True is is easier said than done, true it is sometimes violent to put it this way, true that Death is no cause of pure joy. A necessary evil? I have recently learnt that crises are an evil leading to a betterment in many things which were hit. Death is unbiased, the way we deal with Death is biased. I know full well that I have put it more or less harshly. What we feel and how we feel are parameters we cannot go away from. The lesson is: maybe we should fly away from ourselves to catch a broader view of what we go through.

Now, let’s try to enjoy winterime the best we can.

Take care! 🙂


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