Show me how to tango

Par défaut

Hi dear readers, I hope you are all well.

Though few have been reading my blog because of an uneven activity and that I have not been specialising in any specific area yet (perhaps I will never), I just want to share something quite trivial, let’s put it like this.

So yes, I am becoming addicted to tarology. But unfortunately no I am not going to be posting anything related to oracular arts and divination. The reason why I am noy going to share my hobby (I do not like this term much) is because I am not skilled at it. Let’s leave room to the persons who are conversant with this art. Some day I am sure I will post something. Therefore, you shall be patient my dear ones 😉

For all my life I have been a music buff. I have been kinda specialised in some musical genres, kinda dark and alternative. Now I feel it is about time to move on without denying my musical past, far from that. I am leaving my twenties within one year and barely a handful of months, I have a new position, I have kind colleagues at work, my social life is slowly changing its shape, plans are blooming in my head. I may be repeating myself (oh dear, a sign of ageing!) but yeah this « year » (from now on to mid-July) is going to a challenge in itself, for me. My life will never be the same. I am so much into this shift, it’s so exhausting but I am still up and fighting. Time for electronic tango with Gotan Project. Oh God I miss dancing so much. I wish I could soon go back to dancing lessons (tango, belly-dancing, bharata natyam or salsa/bachata, zumba, or others?)

Talking about the professional life, yesterday I was at a party, a houwarming party and it was great though I felt drained by this short week. Seems IT loves teasing me to some point where I am going mad at it but also at myself because when you are tired your gestures are awkward, your brain is overloaded and cannot work properly. Again, let’s see what this special year has in store for me.


Show me how to tango was initiated about 30 minutes ago and I move on to medieval music (without vocals). Do you know that the title is an excerpt of lyrics written by Tori Amos?

A new short post is coming along 🙂


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