A new lease on life

Par défaut

Hi folks and friends, any reader from any remote corner of the world!

I can now take some little time to breathe prior to driving forward for some English classes. No sooner than on Monday was I once again on the road for another job interview. For me the matter was to drive on my own for more than hour and off to another département (I do not know the set version for this French cultural way of splitting a country into smaller administrative territories). I did not drive on the highway, as you have to pay for it and I am kinda broke (I should rather say I live below the poverty line as set according to French standards). Therefore it took more time to get to the place but the advantage of doing so was to enjoy the landscape. Yes, I did drive both carefully and slightly dangerously. In the end, more fear than anything. The way to was different from the way back. Quite interesting but quite stressful as well when some old people cannot drive properly, that got on my nerves …

Therefore the new lease on life is rising, as higher than ever before. And that could not stop rocketing, thanks to my fierce determination to win, now or late, no matter when I overcome all the blues, all the ordeals I could have been through, all the people who wished to thash me down and see me falling. For stamina and support, I would like to thank some few good friends who shook me not to fall even lower because of some person with ill intentions.

Now I am not looking back. I am moving forward. But when I am shattered as hell, yes I may get a bit sad. Hopefully, this never lasts 🙂 Or more often, I am a bit grumpy as I may be clumsy when overtired.

I would like to put an end to this article by thanking all the friends who have supported me so far, encouraged me to do my best and to be more self-confident, been by my side when I was low-spirited and rejoiced when there was a hope looming in my life. May you all be thanked for being my friends 🙂




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