The Night of Stone Flowers


Well, I would like to start a post instead of writing down a description of the video.

The last hours were so enriching that it urges me to take over my blog once again, once more, over and over again 🙂
I can’t help being grateful to Life and the Universe for some time. Some phenomena, excruciating one and the bouncing (other one) from the very low bottom of the ravine make up the starting point, the ground for a clearer enlightenment to declutter my soul from shards of the past, devils I had bred and fed with my metaphysical questions and doubts. Always sceptical but driven by the will to swim in an ocean of beliefs lifting me up for the better, my truth, wisdom.

I am always heading forward though my mind is at times crawling backwards. Never look back: that’s a strongly straightforward advice which remains not so easy to put into practice into your daily life.

Just step backwards and enjoy the beauty of Nature. Mother Nature has vast arms to hug you.



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